Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Fun Tutorial

Hi all! Since I am unable to host a class this Friday
I wanted to share part 1 of  a 4 part series tutorial with you.


"What makes one card different from another?" 
"A card is just a bunch of layers glued together, but where do I begin?"
"I like to scrapbook but wish I could learn more techniques to make my page standout"
"I would like to make a handmade card but its too complicated, I'm not crafty!"
"How can I reuse/recycle a card front?"

~Over the next few weeks I will answer these questions and more! So follow along~

Today I'm going to show you a Simple Card Front vs. a more Detailed look
 and introduce Layering: 

In this First photo, you see a two layered card with a simple cardstock selection. 
I played it safe with Whisper White and Bashful Blue
And a simple enough stamp to get the idea. I still felt something was missing...
I'm my worst critic, I felt the whites were very stark to the eye and the blue was a bit too soft
and last but honestly, the ink color was just wrong

So in this Second step, I wondered how it would look if I changed it up my card by using a creamier cardstock, Very Vanilla, and a softly designed paper in 
Marina Mist. Marina Mist is a soft gray blue in tone. (See Image on Left) 
Now I got really daring and wanted to see what would happen if I add a Second 
designed paper in a similar design but alternating the colors.
(See Image on Right)
Having the two card bases next to each other can give you a clear comparison of how 
a little change can make a BIG difference.

Here is a close up again of the Designer Papers I selected. 
The colors really accent each other well, what do you think?

In this last portion, I really liked the two patterned designer pieces for the card 
I am forming (See Left) and since I have your attention, I wanted to show you even adding 
a small contrasting color (See Right) can add a new layer, fun pop 
and warmth to the overall appearance.  

In slow and easy steps you can definitely see that layering can be simple enough 
and add charm to the piece you are working on. 
didn't need to add fancy/bulky items or Ruffled Ribbon
to get a over the top appearance. Just play with what pieces I had before me.

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  1. such an undertaking of love to do a blog like this! Even if I don't make cards anymore, i LOVE your blog! Thanks for sharing <3 Blessings!

  2. Thanks Julie! Your kind words mean so much to me. If ever your in need, just ask :)

  3. Very nice! You are doing awesome.