Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Mailers

I must say I absolutely LOVE giving. And sometimes I can take it a little over the top, but who can help it with all the beautiful and wonderful items Stampin' Up! has to offer!?! 

As you've seen previously I like to have little gifts for my customers and recently had a new customer interested in what Stampin' Up! was all about! 
Can YOU believe there are actually some people who haven't heard of the wonderful and beautiful Stampin' Up!? I KNOW ... Amazing!!! 
If you too would LOVE to know more about Stampin' Up! lets set up a time for a FREE Demo! 

For this little customer I packed her up a package Full of Fun! She will be super surprised when she opens up her package this week to reveal new tools and information to play with. 

I wont share what it is, but when you become a customer of mine ... I LOVE to gift! 
When you purchase from my website or by email, you may just be the Next Receiver!!! 

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