Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Scrap My Heart and Scrapbook It!

Welcome back fellow Stampers!!

After sharing my card with my LATE NIGHT STAMPERS
GROUP, I received such a positive response
and had so many people asking me  
"How did you do that?" 
that I just had to share!!! 

I didn't know if I should consider this Post a new Techn{ink} 
or a CAS but there is a fine, translucent almost 
Vellum like line between the two! (giggle) 

This project consists of mainly using Scraps, 
I have so many and I'm so embarrassed to even show this next photo
but I'm being Honest when I say this is only a sixteenth of 
scraps I have...

Im sure you fellow Scrap-a-holics can agree, you have your own pile 
of scraps too. So I took out my little Punches and sat until I 
found a way to Use those Scraps!

I took out my Large Heart Punch (#119883) and selected a very patterned 
scrap of paper to start punching with..
{"Scrap" my "Heart"}

On the Left you see I took that same punched out heart and slid back 
into the punch -lining up the corners and rounded edge.
Then Punch again and here is what you will get...

Image on the Right is how it appears after I use my Paper Snips (#103579) **BTW the MOST fabulous pair of Snips I have ever had!!!**
and rounded off the opposing side, now I have two tear drops

If that is too much info for you, you can use the same AWESOME 
Paper Snips (#103579)
cutting the heart in half and round the sharp edges...
I punched out as many hearts as my little hands could because 
I don't know about you, 
but I'm so tired of having so MANY scraps around!
** I bet my husband would agree**
But seeing my initial photo, I bet you didn't know that was taken
AFTER I made this project! (Buhaaha)

I punched out the center of my flower with my 
1/14" Circle Punch (#119861)
Then this next part is a bit tricky. You will want to build your 
flower from the outside in. I used a minimal amount of 
Multipurpose Glue (#110755) so that I could 
re-position the petals as I needed. One layer at a time and so that 
they would lie over one another.
(See photos)

In the end I saw there were some areas that could 
still use more petals, so I just added these in 
at the end. I wanted to cover every part I could, you will need to
flip the card over and using your 
AWESOME Paper Snips (#103579) cut away the excess petals.

Stamp a quick sentiment and there you go. It takes a little getting used to but
after your familiar with what you are doing, it takes less than 5 min!

Were not done yet..
There is a BONUS feature-SCRAPBOOK IT!!! 

I decided since I was making this card, and I have PLENTY of Scraps, 
I wanted to surprise my daughter and make her
a two-page layout for her scrapbook too! 

In order to do this, I found it easier to start in the opposite 
direction than before. 
Since the overall image was larger, I used my 
1 3/4" Circle Punch (#110850) and built the inside of my 
flower by gluing the petals upside down to the center circle. 
Once I had the initial layer completed,
I flipped it over and adhered to the page. Then using the 
same Multipurpose Glue (#110755) I built my flower from the inside outward. 

Here is a close up and ...

Add your journal/photo spaces and 
Our Two Page layout is complete!! 
And UNDER 7 minutes

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you too will have fun
Kreating this beautiful card and Scrapbook layout too. 

Cool Tools: Large Heart Punch (#119883), 1/14" Circle Punch (#119861),
 Paper Snips (#103579), 1 3/4" Circle Punch (#110850) ,  
and Multipurpose Glue (#110755) 


  1. WOW....both of these are fabulous and thank you for your detailed instructions....I so agree that we can all use a beautiful project to help use up at least some of our scraps! TFS!

  2. Looks simple enough even for a beginner like me.. Now all I need is the heart. Love it!
    Hugs! Kathie in FL

  3. I wish I would have had this yesterday when I was CASEing your card. I kept thinking how in the world did she do this in 5 minutes. But I did get my card done and even though I don't like it as well as yours, I still am thrilled with the results. Thank you for posting how it "really" is supposed to be done!!

  4. Thank you everyone for stopping by. Im so happy you enjoyed, this was a fun card to create. Kayla, I sure would LOVE to see your version of my CAS. :) Email me friend. ~Hugs to all!!

  5. Nikki - beautifully done! I must say that I too have the scraps (and that's after cleaning them out). I now have two piles neatly organized into SU! paper scraps and non-SU! I then threw away, Yes I admit I did throw away paper, anything too small. I had a sample that was too small or smaller. Now I have another reason to have kept my scraps. THANK YOU!